ADVANTAGE VBM is an advanced enterprise grade electronic document and file management software application developed especially for small to medium size business organisations and projects (5 – 500 users). 

Featuring the unique RealFS Relational File System, ADVANTAGE VBM offers an innovative toolset to help you properly capture and manage your electronic filing to ISO standards, while bringing security and visibility to your important business information. 

ADVANTAGE VBM provides a highly organised environment for saving, retrieving, sending and sharing electronic Documents and emails within a set of unique layers built across your file system. These layers not only record standard metadata such as the author, file name and location of a Document, but they also capture the important knowledge about it which leaves your office as your employees finish each day.

If you are struggling to manage the avalanche of unreliable files and folders propagating over your shared network drives then ADVANTAGE VBM is your solution. It provides structure, consistency and controlled user access to all your documented information while complying with the key requirements of ISO 9001, 45001, 14001 and 31000. ADVANTAGE VBM is highly customisable and easily configured to satisfy all of your electronic document and data management needs.

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