All Documents are contained in Categories. Each Category is owned by a Biz Group and visible to its members. There are a number of reasons why a Category does not appear in your Category Browser.

  1. You are not a member of the Biz Group which owns the Category. Add yourself as a member of the Biz Group owning the Category.
  2. Visibility of the Category has not been assigned to you or any of the Biz Groups you are a member of. Make the Category visible to yourself of one of the Biz Groups you are  a member of
  3. You have hidden the Category. Unhide the Category.
  4. The Category option is set to invisible. Untick the Category Invisible option in the Edit Category window.
  5. VBM permissions are set to limit access for your Biz Group, the Category or yourself. Edit the VBM Permissions for the Biz Group, Category or yourself under Documents.