What is Office 365?

Office 365 (O365) is a subscription service that includes the most-recent version of Office, which is currently Office 2016. All subscriptions include a web-based version of the Microsoft Office suite. 

What is Office Online?

Office Online is a free web-based version of the Microsoft Office suite, which includes the following applications:





Office Online does not include the Outlook application, but users can use Outlook.com.Office.

Is Office 365 or Office Online compatible with ADVANTAGE VBM?

So long as the user has a 32-bit version of Office installed on their computer that is compatible with the version 2 of ADVANTAGE VBM installed on the computer, Office is considered compatible with ADVANTAGE VBM. This includes 32-bit versions of Office installed with Office 365.

If you are using Office Online or If your Office 365 subscription only includes web-based applications:

Web-based Office applications are not compatible with ADVANTAGE VBM. There is no plan to integrate ADVANTAGE VBM Version 2 with web-based versions of the Microsoft Office applications.

If your Office 365 subscription includes the Office 2016 software suite:

Office 2016 32-bit is compatible with ADVANTAGE VBM.  

*Note: 64-bit Office is not supported with ADVANTAGE VBM.